Egypt: agricultural exports on the rise

From January to November 2018, Egypt exported 4.4 million tonnes of agricultural commodities, according to data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, an increase of 316,652 tonnes compared to 2017. A good performance that the Egyptian authorities intend to maintain with new financial commitments: Cairo and the World Bank have initiated discussions on granting loans worth US$ 500 million, mainly for irrigation projects and investments in the value chain of commodities such as vegetables, fruits, medicinal and aromatic plants, and flowers. These are all initiatives that, according to experts from the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, could eventually boost export revenues from Egyptian agriculture to an annual volume of US$12 billion. In 2018, Egyptian agricultural exports amounted to US$5 billion, with citrus fruits remaining the main export product with 1.7 million tons. Since the beginning of the 2019 season, the country has already exported 514,000 tonnes of citrus fruits.