Burkina Faso: Sanbrado gold mine to start up ahead of schedule

Initiated in May 2019 by Australian mining exploration specialist West African Resources, the Sanbrado gold mine project in Burkina Faso is now well underway. In a press release issued on Thursday, February 13, the mining operator announced the early commissioning of the main crusher, as work has progressed faster than expected. As a result, the mine is expected to begin production in the second quarter of 2020 instead of the third quarter, the company said, which has raised more than $250 million since 2018 to finance the construction of the mine. The gold site is 90% owned by Société des mines de Sanbrado (Somisa), a local subsidiary of West African Resources, with the remaining 10% owned by the Burkinabe government. When the project was launched, feasibility studies estimated that it would generate between $350 and $400 million in revenue for the Burkinabe government over a decade and create 1,200 jobs.