Congo grants two environmental permits to Sintoukola Potash

The Congolese government has granted two environmental permits valid for 25 years to the Congolese company Sintoukola Potash for the exploitation of its Kola and Dougou potash deposits, located approximately 100 km north of Pointe-Noire. Sintoukola Potash, 97% owned by the British company Kore Potash, now has all the necessary permits to start operations. In his press release, made public on Monday, April 6, the CEO of Kore Potash welcomed the fact that « the 25-year period is now aligned with the schedule of the mining agreement between Kore and the Congolese government […], which « offers greater certainty to all parties ». The company, listed on the London, Johannesburg and Sydney stock exchanges, had raised $13 million in June 2019 to finance its two potash projects in Congo (Kola and Dougou), just after it obtained the related mining permits.