Coronavirus: Tanzania takes the Covid-Organics gamble

Launched at the end of April in Madagascar, Covid-Organics is gradually making its way into other African countries. The latest example to date, Tanzanian President John Magufuli announced on Sunday 3 May that a plane had been sent to the Big Island to fetch the « plant-based treatment » promoted by the authorities of this country. Covid-Organics is proposed as a remedy based on dried leaves of artemisia and would have preventive and curative virtues against the coronavirus. Tanzania thus becomes the fifth country on the continent, after Madagascar, Congo-Brazzaville, Senegal and Guinea-Bissau, to adopt the Malagasy medicinal solution, developed by the Malagasy Institute for Applied Research (Imra). Sceptical, however, WHO recalled that it did not recommend « self-medication with drugs as prevention or as treatment for Covid-19 ».