Coronavirus: the Senegalese cashew nut industry could lose 50 billion CFA francs in 2020

As an indirect consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, Senegalese cashew nut producers in Casamance (southern Senegal) could be left with 30,000 tons of unsold merchandise this year, as many of the usual Indian buyers have been unable to come to production areas such as Kolda, Sédhiou and Ziguinchor due to travel restrictions related to Covid-19. The figure, put forward by Abdourahmane Faye, an expert with the NGO Initiative prospective agricole et rurale (IPAR), was quoted on 4 May by the Senegalese Press Agency, which also notes that « the pandemic and its economic consequences have accentuated the imbalance between supply and demand that caused world prices to fall last year. As for the losses attributable to this expected slump, Abdourahmane Faye estimates that the total amount, borne by all the players in the sector, could be as much as 50 billion CFA francs (83 million dollars).