Ivorian gold industry signs an excellent year 2019

Ivorian mining sector activity figures for 2019, released on 29 April at the Council of Ministers, confirm the excellent health of the gold sector. Over the year, gold production stood at 32.5 tonnes, up by a third compared to 2018 (24.4 tonnes). This increase is attributed to « the increase in production capacity at the Ity-Daapleu mining complex, measures to control mining operations and the crackdown on illegal gold panning, » said Sidi Tiémoko Touré, the Minister of Communication and Media, who is also a government spokesman. As for the turnover generated by the gold activity, at 622.7 billion CFA francs, this represents nearly 82% of the total amount made by the Ivorian mining industry (761.9 billion CFA francs turnover in 2019). A record.