Mining: Guinea tops the list of the world’s most attractive jurisdictions for mineral potential (Fraser Institute)

According to the Canadian think tank, and taking into account only mineral potential, Guinea would be the most attractive mining jurisdiction for foreign investors, although it is among the last in terms of mining policies (68th out of 76 jurisdictions). The overall attractiveness index established by the Fraser Institute’s annual survey includes the mineral potential of the countries concerned (60%) and the mining policies in force (40%). Guinea thus ranks first on the continent, but only 20th in the world, which means that « the country still has a long way to go in terms of regulatory reforms, » the authors of the report say. In the rest of the ranking, South Africa comes in second place, surpassing the former African number one, Botswana. More generally, it is observed that Africa’s overall attractiveness index fell by 5 points in 2019, making the continent the least attractive region in the world for mining investments.