Mining: Niger grants six new uranium and gold permits in the Agadez and Tillabéri regions

Six mining conventions between the Republic of Niger and two mining operators were approved on Friday 6 March in the Council of Ministers. These conventions concern the issuance of 6 research permits, attributed to the companies Loxcroft Resources Ltd and Lâlin-Niger SARL Unipersonnelle. More specifically, Loxcroft Resources was granted four licences (« Tagait 2 », « Tagait 3 », « Agebout » and « Afoudey ») to search for uranium and related substances in the departments of Tchirozerine and Arlit (Agadez), while Lâlin-Niger was granted two licences (« Dogona 1 » and « Dogona 2 ») to search for gold and precious metals in the department of Torodi (Tillabéri region). Loxcroft Resources and Lâlin-Niger will invest $8 million and $3.1 million respectively over a three-year period to complete the work. In addition to the expected tax revenues, these projects will contribute to the creation of direct and indirect jobs, the development of local communes and the training of mining and geology administration staff.