Zambia: Mopani copper mine restarts

Announced at the end of April by the Zambian secretariat of the Ministry of Mines, the resumption of activity at the Mopan mine - an operating site belonging to Mopani Copper Mines (MCM), Glencore’s Zambian subsidiary - was officially recorded. In a press release dated May 3, MCM confirmed that the copper mine will restart operations this week for a period of 90 days. However, MCM management stated that the original plan to proceed with a subsequent maintenance phase, which would mean a shutdown, was still on track. The Mopani mine site, which was first closed on 7 April, had been the subject of a dispute between Glencore and the Zambian authorities for several weeks, with the Zambian authorities accusing the Swiss group of failing to warn them of its decision to suspend operations.