Cameroon: EU extends its support to the banana sector for another 2 years

The European Union’s Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM) to support the Cameroonian banana industry will be extended until 2022, at the request of the Cameroonian government, it was announced on Thursday 12 May. « The companies concerned have two more years to complete the actions undertaken to improve the productivity of the plantations and to improve the competitiveness of the sector », the services of the European Commission specified for their part. In detail, the MAB in Cameroon are notably concentrating their support on the modernization of banana cultivation by means of equipment such as generators, irrigation systems… Another flagship programme which should benefit from the funds allocated by the MAB is the extension of the fruit terminal in the port of Douala. All these measures should enable the Cameroonian banana sector to consolidate its position on the world market (244 million dollars exported in 2018).