Congo-B: the government sets up two new national agencies to promote agriculture, livestock and fisheries

Determined to accelerate the diversification of its economy, which is highly dependent on hydrocarbons (45% of GDP), the Congolese government adopted on 18 September two bills creating two new national agencies dedicated respectively to the development of agriculture and livestock, and fisheries and aquaculture.

As public industrial and commercial establishments, the two new agencies will have administrative and financial autonomy and will be placed under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. The National Agency for the Development of Agriculture and Livestock will be responsible for research, mobilization and securing of agricultural land areas to ensure the extension of agro-pastoral areas and the development of crops and livestock with high added value. The National Agency for the Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture will be responsible for implementing national policies for the sustainable development of fisheries, aquaculture and the preservation of fisheries resources and their biotopes. More broadly, with these two new entities, the Congolese government is seeking to develop the promotion of value chains and the establishment of sustainable production systems, through agricultural land development, irrigation, farm equipment, agro-industrial processing, certification and product marketing.

The Congolese government spokesman, Thierry Moungalla, said that the aim was to provide « the Congo with two operational instruments oriented towards action, with the main objective of achieving food security as soon as possible ». This objective will have to be achieved « thanks to the desired synergy of the interventions of development actors in the different agricultural sectors, while also allowing them to benefit from local support and technical advice », the communicant added.

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