The AfDB has introduced 143 technologies into African agriculture through the TAAT program

Initiated in 2017 by the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Technology for the Improvement of African Agriculture (TAAT) programme, which aims to boost agricultural production in Africa through the use of existing technologies, has already introduced 143 applications that can be used by farmers. The TAAT itself supports the « Feeding Africa » programme and includes a series of 655 actions to help generate 513 million tonnes of additional food production and lift 250 million Africans out of poverty by 2025. 27 countries expressed interest in the TAAT initiative in the first year to introduce technologies to improve the production of commodities such as cassava, beans, sweet potatoes, maize, millet, sorghum, rice, groundnuts and wheat. The AfDB intends to invest a total of more than US$ 24 billion over the next ten years for its global strategy « Feeding Africa ».